Model BR: Three-way thermostatic valve with manual override

The AMOT model BR thermostatic valve in steel or stainless steel can be mounted in any position and, like the B0, uses the wax principle to activate the 3-way temperature elements. The valve can withstand high pressure and has a manual override. Specifications are otherwise the same as for the B0 valve, except that the valve is not supplied in 1 1/2".

Features and benefits

  • No external power source is required - simple and affordable installation
  • No settings or configuration needed - "fit and forget"
  • Consists of few parts - simple and affordable maintenance
  • Flexible installation – works in any mounting position
  • Very resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Automatic self-sensing control with positive, proportional valve actuationApplikasjoner


  • Checking oil or coolant temperature
  • Heat recovery
  • Water saving
  • Checking the intake temperature of boilers
  • Cooling tower
Ø "Ø mmMax Flow [m3/t]Max Flow [US gpm]Max Anbefalt Trykkfall [bar/psi]
50 30 133 0,5 / 7 
2 1/2 65 55 228 0,5 / 7 
80 60 264 0,5 / 7 
3 (m/3 elementer) 80 83 365 0,5 / 7 
100 120 528 0,5 / 7 
125 185 796 0,5 / 7 
150 175 1194 0,5 / 7 
200 400 1750 0,5 / 7 

Temperature range: 13-116°C  (55-240°F)

Available materials: Stainless Steel

Connections: Flanged: ANSI

Example/explanation of Amot BR valve model code:

3BRCB1000100AA: 3'' valve with manual override (BO), cast iron (C), flange PN10 (B) and 100°F element  (100), standard non-override element with buna N/Nitrile seal (01), leak hole size (0), leak hole number (0, no customer adaptations (AA)

​33BRCB1000100AA: same as above, but with three elements

​4BRCB1000100AA: same as above, but 4'' valve

​4BRCB1250100AA: same as above but with 125°F element​


Manual override is often a requirement for marine applications. In automatic mode, the valve will automatically regulate the temperature as on other thermostatic valves, but by activating the manual override mechanism on top of the valve, the element will shift towards its warm (extended) position, regardless of the actual temperature. Each temperature element has its own override. Manual override should only be used in emergencies or in case of element failure.

BR-type valves are equipped with a variable manual override that enables a progressive opening of port A to C. There is also a BM-type valve that is equipped with an on/off type manual override.

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