Model GG: Three-way actuated valve (electric or pneumatic)

Optimal temperature control

  • Compact three-way butterfly valve

  • Sizes from DN25 to DN500

  • Flow up to 3000m3/h

  • Marine and industrial applications

​AMOT Model G rotary 3-way actuated control valves provide high accuracy for precise temperature control in both mixing and diverting applications over a wide flow range and a variety of fluids. The durable valve is designed to withstand high vibration applications and is easy to maintain.


For engines, turbines, gearboxes and heat exchangers:

  • Charge air cooling
  • Secondary cooling systems
  • Preheating of fuel and lubricating oil
  • Cogeneration
  • Engine coolant

For refineries, chemical plants and oil refining:

  • Waste heat boilers
  • Product coolers
  • Product warmers
  • Product capacitors

Features and benefits:

  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Flexible design: ports can be configured to suit the installation
  • Simplified setup and maintenance
  • Hand wheel enables manual adjustment of the valve (optional on pneumatic valve)
  • G-valves are supplied in both standard and high flow versions. (The values in the table below are for the high flow version)
Ø "Ø mmMax Flow [m3/t]Max Flow [US gpm]Max Anbefalt Trykkfall [bar/psi]
50 48 211 0,3 / 4,35 
80 122 537 0,3 / 4,35 
100 185 814 0,3 / 4,35 
125 Spør oss om detaljer Spør oss om detaljer 0,3 / 4,35 
150 420 1849 0,3 / 4,35 
200 755 3324 0,3 / 4,35 
10 250 1180 5195 0,3 / 4,35 
12 300 1700 7484 0,3 / 4,35 
14 350 2300 10125 0,3 / 4,35 
16 400 3000 13200 0,3 / 4,35 
18 450 Spør oss om tilgjengelighet Spør oss om tilgjengelighet  

Compact design

Small in scope – designed for large solutions!

  • Compact design facilitates new tube street designs
  • Fits easily into tight spaces
  • Low weight
  • Can be installed in any direction - even upside down!

High flow - low pressure drop

  • The fluid flow through the valve is practically unimpeded by the rotor
  • Extremely low pressure drop for a given flow rate and valve dimension

Flexible gates

Design tube streets first - decide valve mode later!

  • Flexible doors give freedom in terms of pipe installation
  • The valve meets the pipe construction, not the other way around
  • Enables mirror installations
  • Flow in or out of any port can be set as default
  • Available in both high flow and low flow versions

Compact design

Compact design facilitates new tube street designs

  • Fits easily into tight spaces
  • Low weight
  • Can be installed in any direction - even upside down!

Reconfigurable on site

Easy installation and commissioning

Fully factory tested and set up on delivery. In case of changes to the pipeline, the customer can configure the G-valve on site. Dip switches for direction change and control input are available. No laptop required.

Good Vibrations

  • The actuator and valve assembly is designed to withstand the severe loads created by large diesel engines, ships etc.
  • Can be used as part of integrated "on engine" applications, bolted directly to the engine block

Internal leakage

All applications are different. AMOT offers three options for internal leakage:

​ANSI Class I: Less than 2% internal leakage for constant mixing or distribution applications

​ANSI Class II: 0.5% or less internal leakage for applications with increased efficiency requirements

ANSI Class IV: For optimum efficiency, LLGG with less than 0.01% internal leakage is the natural choice

System integration

AMOT offers different levels of system integration

  1. "Stand alone" system that includes valve, sensors, PID controllers and options for external communication in one package
  2. Fully integrated valve that can be controlled by a number of different signals, such as 4-20mA, 0-10V or relay control. 4-20mA feedback, as well as position switches

Receive part numbers: 

Temperature probe Pt100: lot no. 8060

PID Controller for cabinet mounting: 8071D

PID Controller for wall mounting: 8072D

Temperature range: Liquid temperature up to 100°C (212°F) Contact us if a higher temperature is required

​Available materials: Stainless Steel

Connections: Flanged: ANSI

​Model code example: (see also configuration table in data sheet p. 17)

06GGSDBS32EABCAAA: 6'' GG valve, standard flow (S), ductile iron (D), flange PN10 (B), standard rotor (S), rotor position cold (3) rotor position hot (2), actuator 100-120 VAC 50/60Hz (EA), actuator input 4-20mA (B), actuator position output 4-20mA (CA), no customer adaptations (AA)

​08GGSDCS32EABCAAA: same as above, but 8'' valve with PN16 flange.


The Model G 3-Way Temperature Control Valve works as an integral part of your electric, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic system. The electric G-valve system is easy to install, while the pneumatic system is ideal when there is a shortage of electricity or when a fail-safe system is required. The electro-pneumatic system combines the features and functionality of AMOT's electronic control system with the fail-safe advantages of a pneumatically actuated valve. The position sensor on both electric and electro-pneumatic versions allows for direct connection to a motor control system.

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