Model H: Three-way thermostatic valve

AMOT Model H thermostatic valves are fully automatic, 3-way temperature regulators for dividing or mixing liquids, and are often used as a reliable regulator of liquid temperature in coolant or lubricating oil. The valves are also suitable for process control and industrial applications or in heat recovery loops.

Features and benefits

  • "Tamper-proof" temperature setting
  • Self-actuated


  • Engine and compressor cooling system
  • Lubricating oil systems
  • Heat recovery loops
  • Process control
  • Temperature mixing or redirection
Ø "Ø mmMax Flow [m3/t / US gpm]Max Trykkfall [bar/psi]
100 200 / 875 0,5 / 7 
125 342 / 1496 0,5 / 7 
150 370 / 1618 0,5 / 7 

Temperature range: 13-116°C (55-240°F)

Connections: Flanged

​Available Materials: Steel


The valve is supplied with the temperature element factory-set to the nominal temperature setting. The temperature is recorded at port A, which is open to port B (bypass) until the liquid temperature reaches a point 3-6°C (5-10°F) below the nominal setting. As the temperature continues to rise, the slide valve moves to close port B and open port C (connected to the cooler or heat exchanger). Port B is fully closed when the temperature is 4-6°C (8-10°F) above the nominal setting. The valve continuously modulates the liquid flow to maintain the nominal temperature. For optimal control, the system must be dimensioned so that approximately half of the total liquid flow passes through the cooler at full load.

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