Our expertise

A good collaboration is based on a good dialogue and process between customers and suppliers. We put great importance into providing a high level of service and possessing solid expertise, whether it concerns new construction, repairs/remodeling or planned maintenance.

New construction

Project planning

  • General information about products and solutions
  • Basis for planning
  • Engineering
  • Outlined solution
  • Budget price, delivery time and documentation (products, certificates, approvals)

Purchase process

  • Offer
  • Negotiations
  • Deal
  • Delivery

Repair and rebuilding

  • Sailing ship
  • Scheduled doc
  • Immediate problem / urgent problem

It is necessary to define the problem and propose a solution in terms of products, documentation and logistics.

Planned maintenance


  • Product
  • Age, operating time, condition
  • Goals of the process
  • Continue as before
  • Change spec, e.g. temp

Ing Westad AS can supply thermostatic elements and other spare parts for all AMOT's valves, as well as stock almost all spare parts for AMOT's B and C valves.

Thermostat element 


Service kit

Major overhaul



New valve




Our employees

Hans Christian Rambøl

Tone Barlyng Myhren

Katherine Thu Van Nguyen Chow

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