About Chalwyn

Chalwyn is a brand owned by AMOT (UK), and is manufactured mainly at their plant in Bury St. Edmunds. For most people in the industry, Chalwyn is equivalent to diesel shut off systems, and is the ultimate market leader in terms of product selection and quality.

The history of AMOT began in 1948 in Richmond, California, with the development of a marine valve thermostatic valve, and the solutions for temperature sensing and regulation are still important. In addition, new areas have emerged, such as engine and machinery condition control and diesel engine safety solutions. In 2007 through AMOT purchased Roda Deaco Valve Company (Edmonton, Canada) and again in 2008 they purchased Chalwyn Ltd. (UK). With these two product lines, as well as the expertise that came along, AMOT is now the world's leading manufacturer of emergency stop systems for diesel engines. 

AMOT is owned by Roper Technologies (USA), which also owns several other Companies. 

Ing. Westad AS is distributor of both AMOT three-way valves and the engine shut off systems. We also deliver components and solutions from the other Roper/AMOT-companies.

AMOT is currently owned by Roper Technologies (USA), which also owns several other Companies

Roper Technologies

In addition to AMOT, Roper Technologies owns the brand Rigsaver, which supplies stop systems for larger engines – for example generators on ships and rigs. These valves have the same operating principle as the Chalwyn valves, ie by shutting off the engine positive air intake, but due to the size and the large forces involved they have a slightly different construction. 

In addition, Roper also owns Cornell Pump, which supplies a wide range of pumps and turbines. Ing. Westad AS is your point of contact for all these companies and product lines.

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