Model J: Three-way thermostatic valve

AMOT Model J thermostatic valves are fully automatic, 3-way liquid temperature regulators for dividing or mixing liquid streams, and are often used to ensure reliable control of liquid temperature in coolant or lubricating oil. The valves are also suitable for process control and industrial applications, as well as heat recovery loops. Like other AMOT thermostatic valves, the J-valve uses integrated, factory-set temperature elements that provide a "tamper-proof" operating temperature.

Features and benefits

  • No external power source required – simple and affordable installation
  • No user settings required – "fit and forget"
  • Consists of few parts - simple and affordable maintenance
  • Robust design - withstands a lot of impact and vibration
  • Flexible mounting – works in all positions
  • Automatic, self-sensing control with positive, proportional valve action
  • "Tamper-proof" temperature setting


  • Heat recovery
  • Water saving
  • Temperature regulation on the boiler inlet
  • Cooling tower
  • Engine and compressor cooling system
  • Lubricating oil systems
  • Heat recovery loops
  • Process control
  • Temperature mixing or redirection
Ø "Ø mmMax Trykk [bar/psi]Max Flow [m3/t]Max Flow [US gpm]Max Trykkfall (bar/psi)
3/4 20 24 / 350 35 0,5 / 7 

Temperature range: 18-113°C  (64-235°F)​

Materials available: Aluminium-BS:1490, grade M25TF lightweight

Connections: Threaded: 20 mm BSP, NPT, M26x1.5, JIS,SAE​


Temperature control is achieved by expanding a wax/copper mixture which is very sensitive to temperature changes. The expansion forces in turn act on the slide valve and regulate the liquid flow, so that the temperature is continuously regulated. The reliable robust construction provides high resistance to temperature variations and pressure changes, and maintains stable temperature under highly variable operating conditions.

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