Amottemperature and pressure switches (switches)

The AMOT Model 4140 switch is available as a "single step" (4140C & F), "dual step" pressure or temperature switch (4140D & E), or as a combined pressure and temperature switch (4140A).

NB! 4140 Pressure and temperature switch replaces previous model numbers 8252, 8253, 8254, 8255, 8256 and 2340.


  • Gold-plated/silver-plated contacts
  • IP56
  • Single and dual set points - alarm and shut down in a single unit
  • Combined pressure and temperature switch with independent and 100% adjustable setpoint - for use in a wide range of different applications


Housing material: Cast aluminium

Temperature switch: -40 to 120°C (-40 to 248°F)

Temperature and pressure switch: -40 to 90°C (-40 to 194°F)

Types: Single, Dual, Combined Pressure and Temperature


​Amot pressure switches and temperature switches are suitable for industrial and marine applications, for the protection of, among other things:

  • Diesel engines
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Gears and transmissions

Modell-list Amot switcher

41401CK1V12AA0-EE         Pressure switch 3,45 - 8, bar

4140AK1E11CE3-EE            Combined Pressure/ Temperature  Switch

4140AK1E11CE4-EE            Pressure / Temp switch

4140AK1E11EE4-EE            Pressure / Temp. Switch

4140AK1E13EE2-EE            Pressure / Temp. switch

4140CK1C21AA0-EE           Pressure switch 0,28-3,72 bar

4140CK1D11AA0-EE           Single step pressure switch

4140CK1D14AA0-EE           Pressure switch 8.96-40.00 Bar

4140CK1E11AA0-AET         Amot pressure switch 0,28 - 3,72 Bar

4140CK1E11AA0-EE           Single step pressure switch

4140CK1E12AA0-EE           Single step pressure switch 3.45-8.34 bar

4140CK1F13AA0-EE            Single step pressure switch 6,89-23,44 bar

4140CK1H11AA0-EE           Amot pressure switch 0,28-3,72 bar

4140CK1H12AA0-EE           Pressure switch

4140CK1H14AA0-EE           Pressure switch

4140CK1H21AA0-EE           Pressure switch

4140CK1H31AA0-EE           Amot pressure switch

4140CK1H32AA0-EE           PRESSURE SWITCH

4140CK1H33AA0-EE           PRESSURE SWITCH

4140CK1V11AA0-EE           Pressure switch 0,28 - 3,72 bar

4140CK1V12AA0-EE           Pressure switch 3,45 - 8,34 bar

4140CK1V13AA0-EE           Pressure switch, range  6,89-23,44 Bar

4140CK1V21AA0-EE           Pressure switch

4140CK3P41AA0-EE            Pressure switch - corrosion protected

4140CK3P51AA0-EE            Pressure switch

4140CK3P53AA0-EE            Pressure switch - corrosion protected

4140CK3Q41AA0-EE           Amot Pressure Switch 0,28-3,45 Bar

4140CR1E11AA0-EE           Single step pressure switch

4140CR1H31AA0-EE           Pressure switch

4140CR3P61AA0-EE            Pressure switch

4140CS3T61AA0-EE            Single step pressure switch, range 0,34 - 3,45 Bar

4140CS3T63AA0-EE            Single step pressure switch, range 6,20 -18,27 Bar

4140CS3T69AA0-EE            Single step pressure switch, range 0.17 - 1.86 Bar

4140DK1E00CA4-EE           Single Step Temperature Switch 83-104 Deg. C

4140DK1E00CA5-EE           Single Step Temperature Switch 99-123 Deg. C

4140DK1E00CE1-EE            Temperature Switch

4140DK1E00CE2-EE            Single Step Temperature Switch 49-71 Deg. C

4140DK1E00CE3-EE            Single Step Temperature Switch 66-87 Deg. C

4140DK1E00CE4-EE            Single Step Temperature Switch 83-104 Deg. C

4140DK1E00CE5-EE            Temperature Switch

4140DK1E00CK6-EE           Temperature Switch

4140DK1H00CE1-EE           Temperature switch

4140DK1H00CE4-EE           Temperature switch

4140DK1H00CH5-EE           Temperature  switch

4140DK1H00EM1-EE          Temperature  switch

4140DK3P00CE3-EE            Temperature switch 66-87C

4140DK3P00CE4-EE            Temperature switch 83-104C

4140DK3P00CK4-EE            Temperature switch, range 83-104 C

4140DR1D00CG5-EE           Temperature switch range 99-123 C

4140DR1E00CA5-EE           Temperature switch 99-123 C

4140DR1E00CE4-EE            Temp switch range 83-104C

4140DR1H00CE4-EE           Temperature switch

4140DR1V00CE1-EE           Temperature switch 16-54 GR. C

4140DR1V00CG5-EE           Single Step Temperature Switch 99-123 Deg. C

4140DR3P00CE3-EE           Temperature switch 66-87 deg C

4140DR3P00CE4-EE           Temperature switch 83-104 deg C

4140DS1J00CE1-EE             Single Step Temperature Switch 16-54 Deg. C

4140DS1J00CE4-EE             Single Step Temperature Switch 83-104 Deg. C

4140DY3S00CH3-EE           Temperature switch

4140EK1E00CE4-EE            Dual temperature switch

4140EK1H00CB4-EE           Dual Temperature Switch

4140ER1D00CG1-ADY        Dual temp switch

4140ER1D00CG4-EE           Dual Step Temperature Switch

4140ER1E00CE1-AEV          Amot dual temp switch

4140FK1E12AA0-EE            DUAL PRESSURE SWITCH 3,45-8,34 BAR

4140FK1H11AA0-EE           Dual Pressure Switch

4253M01R3CC02V-AA        Hazardous Area Temperature Switch

42546X                                  Diaphragm assembly

8027A21D-AA                       Level switch

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